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Manga 360


Manga 360 is the brand-new way to enjoy reading manga online without hassles.*** Why you should choose Manga 360 over existing apps? ***
● UNIFIED LIBRARY, NO SOURCE SELECTIONUnlike other apps, we have organized the library so that all manga of the same content are put under one unified manga. You will not have to select any sources at all and just focus on what you want to read.
● FAST, SIMPLE MANGA SEARCHSearching for manga across sources is blazingly fast. Searching for localized titles is even possible.
● EASY DISCOVERYWe suggest hot manga, must-read titles and recommend what suit your taste in just one tap away.
● NICE, CLEAN INTERFACEYou will not get lost in our huge library. All manga are indexed by name, genres, number of chapters and their location in the library. Yes, navigation is super easy.
● THEMINGManga 360 can change to suit you. All the themes are free and will be updated frequently.
● SMART CACHE SYSTEMWe only download what you need where you need and when you need it. No more excessive bandwidth and storage.
● OPTIMIZED DOWNLOADMany download options to reduce your download storage. This mean you can download more manga to read, even your storage is out of space.
*** Manga 360 is also packed with notable features. ***
● READING HISTORYWe help you remember your last manga and chapters.
● FLEXIBLE READINGIt has a lot of reading modes. Single page, dual page, left-to-right, right-to-left, continuous, you name it.
● CLOUD SYNCYour preferences and favorite mangas is automatically synced, and yes, across all of your devices.
● DISCUSS & SHAREDiscuss and share your favorite manga or page right in the app.